The secret to increased case acceptance and confident communication is Advanced Treatment Planning

Transform your dentistry career with 8 step-by-step Treatment Planning Protocols for improving case acceptance

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  • Your patients need complex care, but you don’t know how to start planning it
  • You afraid your patients won’t be able to afford the treatment or respond negatively about the cost
  • You think the treatment planning processes will take too long
  • There are so many  treatment options and you confuse patients and yourself
  • You believe your patients will look for another opinion and you lose their business
  • You aren’t meeting your full potential to do the cases you should be doing


  • .. where you treatment plan more thoroughly and in less time, keeping beautiful records done quickly
  • .. where your acceptance rates dramatically increase for all case types, using a step-by-step protocol that works, even if you are shy.
  • .. where your legal risks are reduced and patient satisfaction is increased through informed consent
  • .. where you confidently discuss expensive treatment plans and patients don't look for a second opinion
  • .. where you rarely have cost shock or rejections
  • .. where you are booked with patients months in advance

We believe that treatment planning does not have to end with rejection. 

We understand that discussing high cost and complex treatments can be uncomfortable for dentists, which is why we have over 500 successful Treatment Planning course graduates who use our simple protocols that allow dentists to plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with high case acceptance.  

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Your lead educator, Dr Lincoln Harris, boasts an 80-90% acceptance rate, and his courses sell out immediately.

Previously held all over the world in person - now it is delivered live and virtual so you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Learn how the Advanced Treatment Planning course can help you.

Meet Your Educator

Your lead educator, Dr Lincoln Harris, boasts an 80-90% Treatment Plan acceptance rate,
and his courses sell out immediately (especially his Treatment Planning courses!)

Hi, I'm  Dr Lincoln Harris

Early in my career my endeavour for mastery saw me pursue extensive continuing education training around the world in diverse areas of dentistry. This was a privilege.

I am a full-time private practice dentist who intimately understands the pressure and stress that dentists can experience in their clinic, administration and business. I embraced Treatment Planning into my practice during an economic downturn in the 1990’s, and I used it as a method to survive.

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I could not afford to lose patients, but I still wanted to offer the best treatments, and to avoid the risks of patients complaining to a regulator. 

I did not develop this method to sell a course, but to improve informed consent, and I was surprised that the case acceptance went through the roof - from 40% to 90% acceptances, and I doubled or sometimes tripled the value of the treatment plans.

What I realised is that if a patient comes to you with complex problems, and if you listen, they will want these complex problems fixed.  If you do not listen, they won’t.

The process I have developed is exceedingly ethical and legally defensible, a benchmark for informed consent, and it results in massive case acceptance and more interesting dentistry, which naturally is reflected in a more financially successful practice.  

My clinic is booked out months in advance and I have about an 80-90% acceptance rate and I’d love to teach it to other dentists. It’s really not that hard once you follow the steps. 

Along with seeing my patients happy, I love teaching and deconstructing complex procedures and have a passion for Treatment Planning and Restorative Dentistry. I use a unique teaching approach based on The Human Factors and Fail Fast methods (click here to read more about it) which I am introducing to all of the new RipeGlobal courses. 

This method is interesting to me, because I’ve used it to help with my own failures in this complex world of dentistry. I believe poor clinical outcomes are of course disappointing, and they are also a student’s greatest teacher. 

I enjoy a busy clinic and teaching schedule. I love building this global education hub, RipeGlobal, and that we are challenging and transforming the current education model, to empower and support all dentists - it’s time for change!

I hope to see you join the course!

Dr Linc

PS - here's a blog I wrote last year...  Who are you Treatment Planning?  click here

“The best way to treatment plan patients is not the way we want to be treated, it's the way they want to be treated!”


We’ll guide you to minimise the risks and learn at a rapid pace.


Enrol in the Advanced Treatment Planning Course. 

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Watch 6 hours of lecture recordings from home and use the Case Book to plan more than 12 cases using the 8 protocols to increase case acceptance


Gain the confidence to implement your new treatment planning skills in the clinic the next day so you enjoy a successful dentistry career

Do you wish you could treatment plan a case like this one?

Here is one of Dr Lincoln's cases, and after this course you will be able to confidently treat this yourself.

You Don't Have to Tackle this on Your Own

Stop losing income to other dentists who can plan and communicate treatment plans better than you. If your customers are getting second opinions or quotes you are losing money. Learn how to help your patients make the right treatment decisions for better dental health and meet their long term goals.

So... you can try on your own, suffer from rejection and costly mistakes OR sign up for the Advanced Treatment Planning course and shortcut the learning journey to maximise your confidence, minimise legal risks and fear of rejection, and you can enjoy a happy and successful dentistry career!

The 8 Step-by-Step Protocols to Advanced Treatment Planning for Case Acceptance

Advanced Treatment Planning is a brand new course and the most recent advancements from the previous course, RETP (Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning).

Over several weeks you will learn the 8 Protocols to Treatment Planning for Case Acceptance, for general dentistry patients and more complex patients

step 1

Know Your Patient and Know Yourself

Discover the patients short and long term goals in the initial consultation, so that you can plan efficiently, and so your patients feel thoroughly listened to

step 3

Comprehensive Groundwork

Paint potential long term outcome for your patient and provide an initial range of costs setting yourself up to be your own second opinion at the second consultation

step 5

Motivating diagnostic Mockups

Gain tremendous information from a non invasive mockup and provide  informed consent potential. Mockups are motivating as a side benefit.

step 7

Informed Satisfaction

Understand informed consent and how purposeful explanations about risk are one of the most important patient satisfaction tools

step 2

Efficient Exams and Beautiful Records

Complete comprehensive exams and records in less than 10 minutes, so that you allow the patient to request treatment. Engage your auxiliary clinic team so that they are part of your success

step 4

Plan Heath and Design

Use proven techniques for planning basic care, records and digital smile design, so that you make the patient healthy and happy

step 6

Plan Together

Patient involved second treatment planning sessions, developed with them which acts like your own second opinion because of the perfect set up done at the initial consult.

step 8

Avoiding Price Shock

Learn the complete process of making sure patients do not leave your practice because of a treatment plan being more expensive than they expected.

Proven Results

Some previous students boast up to 95% acceptance rate and Return on Investment within 3-6 months after doing our Treatment Planning courses

Satisfied Graduates

RipeGlobal courses (previously RIPE Restoring Excellence) have had over 1,500 successful and satisfied graduates

Social Community

Our Facebook Group has over 78k followers sharing clinical full protocol cases every day, in a positive way

The solution is fast... 


Dr Rhea Allsopp (pictured) is a practice owner of Dental Haus (Gold Coast, Australia) and has a fast gaining a reputation for great restorative work. After attending RipeGlobal courses, she began using the RipeGlobal treatment planning protocols and saw a dramatic increase in work particularly high-end restorative cases, such as quadrant dentistry.
Rhea achieved ROI within 3 to 6 months of completing her courses.

The solution is real...


When Dr Kat Pugina began to include treatment planning into her practice it was immediately easier for her to communicate with her patients. Kat saw how creating a staged approach was a game changer for her practice, which transformed when she studied RipeGlobal’s treatment planning and communication online lectures, resulting in 95% case acceptance.

How you will learn the Protocol

6 Hrs

Six Hours of Lectures from the comfort of your own home covering planning techniques and cases

8 Steps

8 Simple Protocols developed from years of experience and success rate



* Approximate hours and cases expected and not available for all plans. Subject to change. 

Advanced Treatment Planning

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What our recent ATP attendee has to say about this course...

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

What is Advanced Treatment Planning?

Advanced treatment planning will give you simple protocols that will allow you to treatment plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with very high case acceptance.

The purpose of this course is to allow patients to get safer, better outcomes through dentists being trained to be competent and confident.

What are my learning plan options?

Learning plan options include:

Inclusions and Benefits

Lectures Only

6 hours of Lecture Recordings


CPD/CE Credits

6 hours of CPD/CE Credits

Discount Available

Non Members - no discount

Members - 10%
Premium Members - Free


Lifetime access to Lecture recordings. 

Premium Members - as long as you are a premium member.

Pathway Advisor


Chat, Phone and Email Support


Do I need to travel?

Advanced Treatment Planning is designed to be delivered virtually, 100% travel free and you get to study from the comfort of your own home or clinic! 

What is the difference between Advanced Treatment Planning and Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning (RETP)?

Advanced Treatment Plan is a brand new course by Dr Lincoln Harris and delivered 100% online. Although there will be some similarities between RETP and Advanced Treatment Planning, Dr Harris has refined the course over the 5 years teaching RETP, creating a new approach to gaining high case acceptance. He will cover 12 new treatment plans and you will learn simple protocols that will allow you to treatment plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with very high case acceptance.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

Yes. We can send you an invoice with bank details for payment. Send us an email to request an invoice. 

 I'm NOT a highly skilful dentist so will this course be beyond my skills at the moment?

No matter what your skill set is, Advanced Treatment Planning will teach you the skills needed to increase your case acceptance and most importantly learn how to communicate effectively with your patient.

How do I access the course learning materials? 

You will receive access (via a welcome email with instructions) to all the learning materials.

Is CPD available?

CPD/CE credit will be issued at the end of the Lecture recordings.  Universal certificates are available for all countries.

Can I talk to someone directly?

Yes. Please contact one of our helpful Pathway Advisors for any questions:

Contact a Pathway Advisor


Australia 1300 436 033

Canada +1 226 407 7473

Europe (Estonia) +372 602 6780

New Zealand +64 800 493 630

United Kingdom +44 7402 127 473

USA +1 517 888 7473

Does RipeGlobal have Accreditation or Affiliations?

Yes. RipeGlobal is an approved PACE Academy of General Dentistry provider for Continuing Education. 

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAG credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.  
9/1/2020 to 8/31/2022.  
Provider ID# 386578 

Will I receive a Certificate?

Yes. You will receive a digital CPD Certificate on completion of the lecture recordings.

Is Advanced Treatment Planning included in my Membership?

The new 6 hour pre-recorded lectures is included in Premium membership. They are not included in Standard membership. Premium and Standard members do receive member discounts.

I’ve purchased the 6 hour pre-recorded lectures. How long do I have access?

If you are not a premium member, you will have lifetime access to the lecture recordings.

How do I purchase premium membership to get the best price deal for Advanced Treatment Planning?

Purchase premium membership here.