Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry

Orientation Week - 30 August 2021
 Module 2 - 12 weeks between 6 September to November 26 2021*
*Dates are subject to change

Treat Anterior teeth efficiently, effectively and in a way that is practical, possible and profitable in general practice

Aesthetics Always Matter

At this course we will focus on shape, shape is one of the most important parts of aesthetic dentistry. If you don't get the shape right, the tooth will never look right.

You will complete composite resin fillings using various techniques. You will learn about tooth morphology and how embrasures affect how teeth look. You will learn free hand techniques that will give your patients the aesthetic results they desire.

In addition, you will prep anterior teeth for crowns using various methods.

You will finish hours of live hands-on learning and have a better understanding of how to create composite resin fillings and crown preps on anterior teeth.

You will be faster, more confident and enjoy your dentistry more.

Hear about what you will learn in this course

Dr Lincoln Harris is the mastermind behind RipeGlobal and the unique teaching methods and curriculum for the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry. 

In this video he explains some details on what you will learn.

Direct Anterior


Module 2 offers a step by step process of beautiful direct anterior restorations. Direct Anterior builds on the skills learned in the previous module, turning its focus on the aesthetic element of restorations. Learners will master the skills of how to shape anterior teeth, isolation techniques, and matrixing. Layering will come later during the veneer course. 


  • You will be able to build the perfect teeth shape for different patients.
  • You will master the application of local anaesthetic, isolation, preparation, matrixing techniques.
  • You will master matrixing and injection moulding, and confidently apply the Bioclear method of preparing.
  • You will know how to create surface texturing and staining margins after composite resin.

Theory, Hands-on and Online Learning

  1. Pre-theory exercise - Composite mockup on the anterior six to be completed to give ideal aesthetics. Document and share. Your mentor will provide feedback and shape your training to you personally.
  2. Shape of teeth - The single most important part of dental aesthetics is the shape of teeth. This presentation will cover the elements of line angle placement, embrasure shape, papillas and gingival shape that result in beautiful aesthetics. 
  3. Shape of Teeth hands on. Under close instruction, mockup the anterior six teeth to provide a “composite waxup”. 
  4. Local anaesthetic, isolation, patient management, matrixing, layering.
  5. Bioclear method of preparing, matrixing and injection moulding for monolithic composite restorations and black triangle management.
  6. Anterior restorations hands on - The anterior six teeth will be prepped, restored with composite resin, and perfectly shaped under close supervision
  7. Real patient case presentation - Showing step by step of anterior restoration .
  8. Creating beautiful and life-like surface textures in composite restorations.
  9. Group review of the literature on aetiology of stained margins in composite restorations.

Indirect Anterior


Indirect Anterior explores the many techniques used to restore badly damaged anterior teeth. You will also tackle one of the most difficult restoration cases in dentistry: the single dark anterior tooth. Shade matching photography is explored in detail.


  • You will master treatment planning for indirect anterior restorations.
  • You will confidently take impressions for diagnostic models, digital smile design, and mockups. 
  • You will confidently apply shade matching photography.
  • You will master the appropriate skills required for tissue control, core build up, impressions, and scanning.

Theory, Hands-on and Online Learning

  1. Pre-course Hands-on - Anterior crown prep with step by step documentation. 
  2. Treatment planning - anterior indirects treatment planning ceramic restorations and the steps to go through for diagnosis, consent and patient communication including - diagnostic models or digital scans, digital smile design and mockups and photography for case acceptance.
  3. Case presentation - From one of the patients in your practice that covers the smile design, lab communication and mockup, 3D printing mockup. Tips and tricks will be shared with you on how to 
  4. Shade matching photography - This presentation will cover different techniques and methods to share shade information with the laboratory including which cases would need a tryin 
  5. Intense Hands-on - Six anterior crown preps will be carried out in this hands on exercise including the construction of temporaries. Demonstrations will be carried out and one on one feedback and guidance will be offered along with tips for more efficiency.. 
  6. Presentation - Restoration, prep design, tissue control, core build up, impressions and scanning. This presentation will cover all the important aspects of the anterior crown prep.
  7. Case Presentation - Document and present a single crown preparation done in your office including the temporary.
  8. Badly damaged anterior teeth - In cases where we can’t place implants, or where a badly damaged tooth must be retained, we will go over decision making, and techniques for retaining badly damaged teeth, including step by step approaches
  9. Dealing with the dark anterior - how to cover and hide deep staining, and where to cover the staining before restoring and where to cover it with the restoration.
  10. Post or no post - The literature covering posts types, their use and where they may be indicated or not, will be reviewed. This will be followed by a clinically focussed presentation and group discussion on their use.

Simple and easy.

Delivered Virtually and 100% free from travel

Experience the Virtual Hands-on Learning Demo

Learn from the comfort of your own home or clinic

Your Anterior Learning Hours

19 Hrs

Anterior theory sessions
Recorded or Live

3 Hrs

Anterior Live
Question & Answer Sessions 

11 Hrs


Live and Intensive  Hands-on Training

82 Hrs

Clinical case presentation, presentation, research and skill development



*Approximate hours expected 

Assessment for the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry


Assessment points that can be obtained for Anterior module is 200 Points.


Assessment points are weighted by the amount of time required to complete the class/segment.


Assessment points are awarded for completing tasks,  exercises, case presentation or by the standard achieved.


The Fellowship will be awarded to learners who gain more than 700 points out of 1000.

The unique teaching methodology sets this course apart

RipeGlobal is revolutionising dental education, replacing the traditional theory-heavy system with a skills-focused curriculum which celebrates repetition under simulated conditions.

RipeGlobal is the first dental education provider to feature live virtual skills training and mentoring delivered using fail first training methodology

RipeGlobal has also integrated human factor training into our teaching program. When dentists are trained against exposure to stress, fatigue, unexpected and urgent conditions, your ability to produce quality outcomes under conditions similar to those in the clinic remains effective.

What previous attendees are saying about this course...

Dr Michael Atzemidakis

"Prepping skills after faster and better"

Dr Cait Duncan

"Doing more Anterior mockups than before and 2 out of 3 acceptance"

Dr Tanvi

"Built hand skills and made a huge difference"

Just a few of your educators...

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry has been carefully crafted by leading practitioners in this field.

Stay tuned for many  EXCITING WORLD CLASS educators being announced soon!

Vishal Gupta - India

Michael Frazis - Australia

Contact a Pathway Advisor


Australia 1300 436 033

Canada +1 226 407 7473

Europe (Estonia) +372 602 6780

New Zealand +64 800 493 630

United Kingdom +44 7402 127 473

USA +1 517 888 7473

What previous attendees are saying about this course...

Using skills straight away...

"We learnt about getting the morphology and the shape of teeth right and how to do multiple preps. These are skills I’ll start using straight away. Dr Lincoln  gave us a lot of guidance and spent a lot of time with each one of us. I’ll be back for other courses."

Dr Deepa Namjoshi



Improved my profitability...

"It's a fantastic opportunity.
I've improved my time management and in truth, my profitability as well."

Dr Rohit Chaturvedi



Engaging and truthful...

"Dr Lincoln is engaging, truthful, experienced and speaks from the heart. He lightens the situation where needed and is serious when required. See you at the next course!"

Dr Rita Lai



Consumables for the Anterior Module

In most parts of the world, you can access these from your normal channels at lower cost than we can, even with sponsorship. To focus on our vision of making education more available and accessible, it is more efficient for you to acquire your own consumables.
We also want to avoid teaching you on a material that you will never use. We are happy for you to substitute your own brand if you prefer, as it is about technique more than materials.

Register your interest for individual courses

We have created the Fellowship as a logical learning sequence, and sold as a four module continuum. 

If there is any space in any of the modules, we can sell individual places.  However those doing the full course will be offered priority.

Please register your interest below and we will keep you updated if an individual module becomes available.  

The only course that will not be offered individually is Full Mouth Rehabilitation.  
This is only for those who have completed the first 3 modules (Anterior, Posterior and Quadrant, and Veneers and Aesthetics).

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