Veneers and Aesthetics Dentistry

Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry

Orientation Week - 7 March 2022
 Module 3 - 12 weeks between 14 March to 17 June 2022*
*Dates may vary

Treat Veneers and Aesthetics efficiently, effectively and in a way that is practical, possible and profitable in general practice

Aesthetics Always Matter.  But so does Function.

You will make a real difference in the lives of your patients when you give them both beautiful aesthetics and robust function and longevity.

At this course we will focus on veneers. You will prep a complete set of anterior veneers and then you will create a full set of composite anterior veneers using various prepping and composite techniques.

You will finish hours of live hands-on and have a better understanding of how to prep veneers and create beautiful anterior veneers. You will prep multiple teeth faster, you'll be more confident and you'll enjoy your dentistry more.

In this course, your Educators will show you multiple step by step approaches to prepping veneers anterior teeth.

Hear about what you will learn in this course

Dr Lincoln Harris is the mastermind behind RipeGlobal and the unique teaching methods and curriculum for the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry. 

In this video he explains some details on what you will learn.

Direct Layered Veneers


Master your patients’ dream smile. Master direct layered veneers. This challenging and exciting module dives deep into the techniques required to treat a patient’s anterior teeth aesthetically using design and layered composites.


  • You will master the skills required to create layered composite veneers.
  • You will perfect the steps required to create the perfect smile design, make stents, build mock-ups.

Theory, Hands-on and Online Learning

  1. Pre-theory Hands-on - Restore four anterior teeth on model with palatal shell and layered composite
  2. Treatment Planning - The process of treatment planning anterior direct veneers, including how to make stents and use mockup and diagnostic mockups will be covered in this unit 
  3. A composite “waxup” of six anterior teeth - carried out and carefully documented, including the fabrication of stents and then using it a create a mockup. This exercise will be demonstrated before hand and step by step instructions given for the you to copy. This mockup will form the basis of the layered veneers carried out in the next exercise.
  4. Layered composite veneers - This presentation will cover step by step details of carrying out layered composite veneers. This will also involve how to use different dentine, body and enamel masses to create perfectly lifelike restorations without risk of grey or overly translucent effects. 
  5. Live patient demonstration video/live stream of placing composite veneers.
  6. Layered composite intensive - This hands on module will go through the creating layered composites using the mockup you have done earlier. We will step through the creation of a palatal shell, and the placement of layers to get lifelike results. The six anteriors plus the premolars will be included. - layered composite veneers with palatal shell six anteriors, plus premolars. 
  7. Final assessment will be through the documentation of the treatment planning, and communication and clinical step by steps of a composite veneers case done in your office. This will include one monoshade case and one layered case.

Ceramic Veneers


Synonymous to achieving perfect ceramic veneers is mastering the communication with the lab who is building them. Master the skills required to take high quality impressions so that the lab can create high quality veneers.  Explore the art of smile design, patient communication, and consent.
Shade matching photography continues in this section, as getting the colour right is as essential as the veneers themselves.


  • You will explore in detail the ceramic choices for veneers and prep design.
  • You will master tissue control and techniques for making the perfect scans and impressions.
  • You will master the skills required for temporisation, insertion and the bonding of veneers.
  • You will master treatment planning, occlusion, smile design, mockups, consent, and how to make sure you have excellent lab support. 

Theory, Hands-on and Online Learning

  1. Pre-theory Exercise - prep and temporise the six anteriors teeth for veneers
  2. Veneer and aesthetic rehabilitation - Treatment planning, occlusion, smile design, mockups, consent, lab support. Although veneers are largely aesthetically driven, a lot of functional considerations need to go into the planning and occlusion for the case not to end in disaster. This learning unit will cover these areas including smile design, mockup design and creation, consent procedures and communication with the laboratory. 
  3. Ceramic Veneer Treatment Planning - Case presentation. You will be mentored through the treatment planning, decision making, material selection, lab planning, informed consent process and financial consent for two live patient veneers cases in your office. Interactive discussion and feedback amongst the overall class and your cohort will help you see multiple approaches and viewpoints as well as show you multiple cases worked up. 
  4. Veneer Hands-on - Mockup, veneer preps and temporary construction under personal supervision and mentoring. 
  5. Ceramic choices for veneers and prep design, tissue control, impressions/scanning and temporisation. All the key elements of carrying out ceramic veneers will be covered in this unit. 
  6. Case Presentation of the mockup, preparation, impression, temporisation of one of your own cases You will be mentored through any of the steps if you have concerns or worries.
  7. Lecture and live patient live demonstration - Insertion and bonding of veneers, may be recorded if necessary
  8. Case presentation of two ceramic veneers cases that you have completed in your office, done to an excellent standard is required before final graduation from this module

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Your Veneers and Aesthetics Learning Hours

14 Hrs

Veneers & Aesthetics theory sessions
Recorded or Live

9 Hrs

Veneers & Aesthetics Live Question & Answer Sessions 

12 Hrs

Veneers & Aesthetics

Live and Intensive  Hands-on Training

115 Hrs

Clinical case presentation, presentation, research and skill development



*Approximate hours expected 

Assessment for the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry


Assessment points that can be obtained for Veneers & Aesthetics module is 200 Points.


Assessment points are weighted by the amount of time required to complete the class/segment.


Assessment points are awarded for completing tasks,  exercises, case presentation or by the standard achieved.


The Fellowship will be awarded to learners who gained more than 700 points out of 1000.

The unique teaching methodology sets this course apart

RipeGlobal is revolutionising dental education, replacing the traditional theory-heavy system with a skills-focused curriculum which celebrates repetition under simulated conditions.

RipeGlobal is the first dental education provider to feature live virtual skills training and mentoring delivered using fail first training methodology

RipeGlobal has also integrated human factor training into our teaching program. When dentists are trained against exposure to stress, fatigue, unexpected and urgent conditions, your ability to produce quality outcomes under conditions similar to those in the clinic remains effective.

What previous attendees are saying about this course...

Dr Ange Yogarajah

"The course is challenging, but I left knowing more"

Dr James Tran

"Doing better quality work"

Dr Linh Huang

"Confidence and no longer referring out Full Arch Cases"

Just a few of your educators...

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry has been carefully crafted by leading practitioners in this field.

Stay tuned for many  EXCITING WORLD CLASS educators being announced soon!

Vishal Gupta - India

Michael Frazis - Australia

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Australia 1300 436 033

Canada +1 226 407 7473

Europe (Estonia) +372 602 6780

New Zealand +64 800 493 630

United Kingdom +44 7402 127 473

USA +1 517 888 7473

What previous attendees are saying about this course...

Significantly reduced prep time...

"I managed to cut rough preps for 10 crowns in about 2 hours when I usually spend an hour for 1 prep. There were also lots of day-to-day tips which can be applied straight away."

Dr Shweta Goyali



You can't learn this from a text book...

"You can't fill up a cup that's already full. There are always things we can improve. These are things that you can't learn from a text book. Thank you"

Dr Fong Yong



Consumables for the Veneers and Aesthetics Module

In most parts of the world, you can access these from your normal channels at lower cost than we can, even with sponsorship. To focus on our vision of making education more available and accessible, it is more efficient for you to acquire your own consumables.
We also want to avoid teaching you on a material that you will never use. We are happy for you to substitute your own brand if you prefer, as it is about technique more than materials.

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We have created the Fellowship as a logical learning sequence, and sold as a four module continuum. 

If there is any space in any of the modules, we can sell individual places. However those doing the full course will be offered priority.

Please register your interest below and we will keep you updated if an individual module becomes available.  

The only course that will not be offered individually is Full Mouth Rehabilitation.  
This is only for those who have completed the first 3 modules (Anterior, Posterior and Quadrant, and Veneers and Aesthetics).

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