More Confidence, Awareness and Skill Equals Happier Dentistry

Dentistry is full of complexity, in even the simplest of procedures, it requires comprehensive ongoing learning.


  • You are concerned you don't have the skills to be confident in all procedures.
  • You are unable to treat all patients who walk through the door?
  • You want to minimise all the risks dentistry presents?
  • You worry about which educators to trust or about the cost of quality education?


  • ...with knowledge on tap to help you learn how to solve any dental treatment problem.
  • ...where you build a practice with more predictability and confidence and you love your dental career instead of dread it.
  • … with the skills to be confident in all procedures and stop referring patients to specialists!
  • … where Quality education doesn't have to be expensive, where you can access the best educators across the world.

This vision is what inspired us to build RipeGlobal

Now, with RipeGlobal, you can start mastering your dentistry, through motivational and quality learning experiences...

Introducing the RipeGlobal Membership

We know dentistry is not always easy, you need to build confidence and develop specialised techniques

Which is why RipeGlobal was created by dentists, for dentists - we have been there too! 

Like you, we realise the importance of learning from the successes and failures. We are real practicing dentists, with real patients every day.

Join the RipeGlobal Membership Community and Elevate Your Dentistry!



Where others teach theory, we selected over 26 practising successful master dentists with world class reputations and centuries of combined experience.


Our Members have access to 203+ hours of content, more than 306 videos, with more added every month - there is something for everyone!


We run free master classes every month and Members have advanced invitations to our exclusive events.


Over 16 Lecture Recordings (more than 150 hours) of 1, 2 or 3 full day lectures that would have cost over $21,400 to attend live and 60+ Hours of Clinical Videos, valued at US$8,900


Our purpose is to make quality education affordable and accessible, to help dentists create happy patients


Our Educators are inspiring 2,000+ members globally to excel at all aspects of dentistry

You Don't Have to Struggle on Your Own

So, you can try on your own, not take action, have case failure and costly mistakes, OR you can join RipeGlobal and shortcut the learning journey, minimise the risk of failure, with predictability and confidence so you can fall in love with your dental career!

If one of these courses could avoid one case failure, it could save you thousands of dollars, the potential saving is significant. 

Stop paying for your patient's dentistry. If you are refunding patients or re-doing your dentistry for free you are losing money. Learn how to help your patients make the right treatment decisions for better dental health.


We’ll guide you to minimise the risks, and learn at a rapid pace.

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Dr Rhea Allsopp

I particularly liked that you can everything you learnt you can apply day one back at the practice.



Our 26 master dentists are inspiring 2,000+ members globally to excel at all aspects of dentistry - where they integrate excellence in clinical, patient, practice and communication.

Dr Lincoln Harris - Australia

Dr Michael Melkers - USA

Dr Ricardo Kern - Brazil

Dr Thomas Sealy - UK

Dr Agne Malisauskiene - Lithuania

Dr Radoslaw Jadach - Poland

Dr Dale Rosenbach - USA

Dr Komal Majumdar - India

Dr Florin Bobia - Romania

Dr Lane Ochi - USA

Dr Maria Avis - Australia

Dr Vishal Gupta - India

Our Master Dentist Educators are globally regarded specialists in General Dentist, Periodontics and Periodontology, Oral Rehabilitation, Oral Health, Fixed and Implant Prosthodontics, Implantology, Dento-alveolar surgery, Dental Prosthetics, Cosmetic and Advanced restorative dentistry, Orthodontics, Anaesthesia and Emergency Medicine, Surgical, Cerec, laser, Guided Implant Surgery, Ortho-Restorative

Qualified from the best dental schools in the world: Universidade Federal do Paraná, Marquette University School of Dentistry, University of Central Queensland, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, University of Tartu in Dentistry, Government Dental College & Hospital, University of UMF Craiova, Misr International University, GSDM, University of the Witwatersrand, Leeds University, University of Queensland, Yeshiva University, New Jersey Dental School, Columbia University, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, Vilnius University, University of Sheffield, University of Southern California, Harvard

RipeGlobal courses (previously RIPE Restoring Excellence) have had over 1,500 successful and satisfied graduates

Our 2000+ Members are from all over the world - India, Egypt, USA, UK, Australia and so many more

The “RipeGlobal: Restorative Implant Practice Excellence” Facebook Group community has over 77k members


  • Imagine a world with where you are confident to discuss treatment plans and your clients accept them
  • Do you wonder what it would be like if you could create the perfect impressions, every time?
  • Picture yourself performing crown preps in a simplified way


New blockbuster content is added monthly so that you can keep up with modern dentistry from real practicing dentists

Our videos and lectures are labeled Core, Intermediate or Advanced for you to learn at your own pace based on your experience to build knowledge and confidence

Choose from clinical videos or in depth lecture series, for you to master concepts

Get early notification of our sell out Live Courses, so that you don’t miss out on these popular events.

Watch and learn, to receive automated CPD/CE certifications along the way.

Enhance and improve your skills, boost your efficiency, providing you with skills to elevate your professional satisfaction



Learn from the very best! Showcasing the latest dental innovations and inventions.


Master core, niche-specific, and advanced dental skills from full day lecture recordings.


Learn step-by-step as you follow along with the online videos.
*Additional fees apply.


Intense learning experiences to develop your skills in fine detail.

Meet the Founder of RipeGlobal

Hi, I'm  Dr Lincoln Harris

Along with seeing my patients happy, my other passion and purpose in life is to see Dentistry Education be more affordable and accessible to everyone in the world, not just for established or wealthy dentists.

Early in my career my endeavour for mastery saw me pursue extensive continuing education training around the world in diverse areas of dentistry. This was a privilege.

I am a full-time private practice dentist who intimately understands the pressure and stress that dentists can experience in their clinic, administration and business.

I love teaching and deconstructing complex procedures. I use a unique teaching approach based on The Human Factors and Fail Fast methods (read about more about it here) which I am introducing to all of the new RipeGlobal courses. 

This method is interesting to me, because I’ve used it to help with my own failures in this complex world of dentistry. I believe poor clinical outcomes are of course disappointing, and they are also a student’s greatest teacher. 

I enjoy a busy clinic and teaching schedule. I love building this global education hub, RipeGlobal, and that we are challenging and transforming the current education model, to empower and support all dentists - it’s time for change!


Well of course WE think we’re awesome - it would be worrying if we didn’t! 

But don't just take our world for it, check out the nice things people are saying about us...

All RipeGlobal Members Receive Access To


Over 200 hours of content, more than 290 videos.

Helpful checklists and resources guides you can use back at the clinic and resource lists to show you what equipment to use.


Training topics include Anterior, Crown and Bridge Prep, Dentures, Fillings, Full Arch, Implants, Impressions, Inserts, Occlusion, Posterior, Restorative Indirect, Rubber Dam, Surgical, Temporary, Soft Tissue Grafting, and Practice Excellence


Free master classes at least once every month with Live Q&A
Join us on Facebook Group or Instagram with 77K+ community of like-minded professionals


Advanced invitations to register for our exclusive and popular events, that are often a sell out!

Membership Inclusions

Over 16 Lecture Recordings of more than 150 hours of 1, 2 or 3 full day lectures that would have cost over $21,400 to attend live.

60+ Hours of helpful Clinical Videos, valued at US$8,900 if purchased as Pay-Per-View 

Our affordable Memberships include USD $30,300 - $41,375 in value.

Get Instant Access to a Membership Today!

If you're ready to take your dentistry to the next level by enrolling in the, simply choose your Membership option.

If you do the math, that’s about $1.41 a day for a Standard Membership or $3.95 a day for a Premium Membership (25% less if you take the annual option)

Standard Membership

Access to a lectures and training videos







  • Month by Month
  • Cancel at any time
  • Upgrade to Premium at any time
  • Master Classes
  • Online Lecture Series
  • Clinical Training Videos
  • 4 x Dentistry Fundamentals courses per year (valued at $1075)
  • 4 x Exclusive Live Q&A sessions per year (valued at $10K)
  • Chat & Email support
  • Phone Support
Standard Membership

Access to a lectures and training videos




  • Month by Month
  • Cancel at any time
  • Upgrade to Premium at any time
  • Master Classes
  • Online Lecture Series
  • Clinical Training Videos
  • 4 x Dentistry Fundamentals courses per year (valued at $1075)
  • 4 x Exclusive Live Q&A sessions per year (valued at $10K)
  • Chat & Email support
  • Phone Support

Yes, it is true that other education providers charge $1,000+ per month for access to this knowledge.

Because our purpose is to democratise education we have made this accessible and affordable to every dentist in the world.

We do this because we are dentists, serving our fellow dentists.

Stop Struggling In Your Daily Practice And Get The Knowledge That Makes A Difference The Next Day!

Experience Our Content

This is a recent and very popular master class with more than 3,000 registrations. You can watch now to experience what it is like to attend a Master Class - stay to the end for all the Q&A!

How to restore Deep Margins - without stress or a blood bath!
Just enter your details to watch - it’s free!

I’m really impressed with Dr Harris honestly. In the video he even says “Implants do fail!”. An honest statement that comes from very experienced dentists like him makes us, young inexperienced dentists, rethink again for our treatment plan. I also appreciate Dr Harris’s effort to make that video. When so many dentists offer training only for cosmetic dentistry that generates money, Dr Harris made a video about unpopular less money treatment that we often encounter in surgery and it’s part of our responsibility as clinicians to do the best we can for patients’ best interest.

Yovita Krisnawati


Membership Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

How long does the subscription go for?

The Standard Membership is a pay-as-you-go subscription. Your monthly payment is automatically deducted each month unless you cancel. You can also pay a full year up front.

The Premium Membership payment is a 1 year commitment, and payment is automatically deducted from your account every 3 months, or as a full year paid up front.

Is it a monthly subscription?

Only the Standard Membership is monthly, or you can pay annually and save 25%.

Can I pay for a yearly subscription? 

For both membership levels, you can pay a year upfront. Just use the slide bar or select the option at the payment checkout.

For the Premium Yearly membership, can I pay in monthly instalments?

There is no monthly payment option. This is paid quarterly (3 months) in advance or as a full year up front.

For the Premium membership, what are the x4 “Fundamentals” courses?

These are four in-depth courses we will be releasing throughout the year that are sold separately but included in the Premium membership.

There is one course available now, the next will launch in Feb 2021:

  • Restorative Fundamentals - Available Now
  • Treatment Planning Fundamentals February 2021
  • Function Fundamentals April 2021
  • Surgical Fundamentals July 2021
  • Aesthetic Fundamentals Oct 2021

You can learn more about the Fundamentals Lecture Series here.

Each series of lectures would normally cost over USD $2,500 if it was held as a two-day live lecture but you get them included as part of your Premium Membership

I already purchased the Restorations Fundamentals course, can I get a credit?

We'd love to help, contact support and we can get you a credit code to reduce your initial premium membership payment.

What is included in the Premium Membership?

Everything in the standard membership PLUS four Free RipeGlobal “Fundamental” online courses valued at USD $1,075, PLUS four exclusive and private Live online Question and Answer sessions, for Premium Members only. To be held with a different Master Dentist each time, and valued at US$10,000. You also receive Phone, Chat and Email support.

What is the Live Group Q&A session with Master Dentists?

Held via Zoom, there will be a different Master Dentist Educators for each 30 minute session, where you can access the hearts, minds, and souls of these experts. This will be a private session for Premium Members only and at no cost.

I already have a Standard Membership. How can I upgrade?

We'd love to help, just reach out to support and we'll give you the next steps. Send your request to upgrade your membership here.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time! Just send through an email to, you will need to provide 7 days notice before your renewal happens.

If you cancel the your Membership, you will not get a refund, but will be able to access until the end of your subscription date.

What is included in the Standard Membership?

Access to all of our lectures, clinical videos, and resources.

200+ hours of lectures ranging from restorative dentistry through to implantology, including soft tissue!

More than 290 videos, including 100+ clinical videos showing you procedures from crown lengthening through to using a rubber dam.

Free master classes every month and Members have advanced invitations to our exclusive events, which often sell out in presale. 

Over 16 Lecture Recordings (more than 140 hours) of 1, 2 or 3 full day lectures that would have cost over $21,400 to attend live

50+ Hours of helpful Clinical Videos, valued at US$8,900

Can I pause my monthly membership subscription?

You can not pause any of our memberships, however you can cancel a Standard Membership at any time and sign up again when you are able to.

How long will it take to get my CPD Certificate?

It takes 7 days from when you submit your details til you get your certificate

What lectures can I get CPD for?

All of the lectures on the Online Lectures page are CPD eligible 

Join our network of like-minded dental professionals and access mentors to guide your dental journey.